Tell Us Your Hunger Story

Being hungry is painful – physically, emotionally and mentally. Without food, our bodies and minds cannot function as well as we like. We can be weak, preoccupied, and vulnerable – vulnerable to getting sick, susceptible to stress, and worried – about ourselves, but also the welfare of our children. We don’t want to be in this situation – having to make difficult choices each month about what we can and cannot pay for. These difficult choices take a toll on us. We may be proud. And, we may be embarrassed. We probably haven’t told others about what we are going through. We just don’t want others to know how we worry, how we suffer.

This page is an opportunity to share what you are going through in a safe place. While there is vulnerability in coming forward, there is also power in sharing stories. Someone else might find her/himself in your words and gain needed strength and hope.

A collection of stories begins to build a culture of empathy, support and compassion.

Share your story below.

Please be aware that we have to edit some stories. All words will be your own – but, stories may be shortened.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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