School-Based Pantry Program

According to Feeding America, 20% or 1 in 5 Texas children experience hunger - in the Brazos Valley, it's 1 in 4.* 


The Brazos Valley Food Bank’s School-Based Food Pantry program addresses the issue of adolescent hunger by partnering with local schools to host food pantries on the school campus that distribute food and hygiene items. These Pantries predominantly serve intermediate, middle, and high schools and are able to serve the student's whole family, as needed.

The goal of the School Pantry program is to eliminate food insecurity for junior and high school students in need so that they have healthy bodies, healthy minds, and a good chance to become productive members of society.

This program ensures that students and families have access to nutritious food, meeting them where they are. School pantries can offer a variety of canned goods, dry goods such as cereal, pasta and rice, as well as hygiene items.

School-Based Food Pantries make food more readily accessible for low-income students, their families and school personnel in need since they are already regularly at school. They can access a variety and quantity of food that can serve the whole family, in a way that accommodates an older student's reluctance to be singled out or somehow identified as “in need” amongst their peers. School-Based Food Pantries also try to be preventative – some youth feel obligated to help the family, and this offers them a safe and confidential way to do this, without skipping school or dropping out altogether to get a job.  

School Pantry Sites

Brazos: AMCHS, AMCMS, CSHS, CSMS, Oakwood Intermediate, Pecan Trail Intermediate, Wellborn Middle, MC Harris, Project Hope, Rudder High School, Davila Middle School

Burleson: Caldwell Intermediate, Snook ISD, Somerville High School

Robertson: Bremond ISD

Washington: Brenham ECLC, Brenham Middle School



school pantry quoteJody Gougler has been an integral part of the AMCHS School Based Food Pantry Program since its inception in January of 2013. Over the past decade, Jody has dedicated herself to ensuring that students and staff have access to essential resources to combat food insecurity.

As one of the original founding members of the AMCHS school food pantry, Jody has witnessed firsthand the impact of providing consistent support to those in need. The logistics of the pantry are designed to be as accessible as possible for students and staff, with designated times after school, during Academic Success Time, and even the ability to open in emergency situations during the school day.

Throughout the school year, the pantry sees an average of about 30 student/staff families each month, providing a crucial lifeline for those facing food insecurity. During the summer months, while the attendance may decrease slightly, the pantry continues to serve 10-15 families, highlighting its importance as a year-round resource.

One of the most inspiring success stories from the pantry is that of "Q," a student who initially sparked the need for its creation. Before the pantry opened, Q and her family faced significant struggles, with Q often taking on the responsibility of providing for her younger siblings. With the support of the pantry, Q and her family experienced a transformation, with improvements in her grades, anxiety levels, and overall pantry quote

Jody also recognizes the challenges faced by students dealing with food insecurity, including the early burden of employment to meet basic needs and the inability to fully participate in extracurricular activities due to time and financial constraints. However, through the support of the pantry, students report a decrease in anxiety and stress levels, allowing them to focus more on their studies and overall well-being.

In essence, the AMCHS School Based Food Pantry Program, under Jody's dedicated leadership, has become a beacon of hope and support for the entire school community. By addressing the critical issue of food insecurity, the pantry is not just providing meals but also empowering students to thrive academically and beyond.

As one of our core services to the Brazos Valley, the School Based Food Pantry program is completely dependent on donations from individuals like you!  Be a part of ending adolescent hunger in the Brazos Valley today.  

The Brazos Valley Food Bank partners with Middle and High Schools to provide low-income students and their families with a pantry where they can receive food as needed throughout the school year. As a School-Based Food Pantry Partner Site, you will work alongside the Brazos Valley Food Bank to help address childhood and adolescent hunger at your school.

Brazos Valley Food Bank:

  • Acquires food for the School-Based Pantry Program
  • Delivers food to School-Based Pantry partners
  • Offers training and program support to School-Based Pantry partners

School-Based Food Pantry Partners:

  • Safely store, inventory and pack food and hygiene items
  • Ensure the participation of their school community
  • Distribute discreetly to students and their families during regular hours at least once monthly
  • Securely store program information and reports that include identifying information.

Pantries are a more effective intervention for older school populations—Intermediate, Middle and High Schools.  They must serve students and their families who are eligible at least once each month during the school year.

Basic Needs to Begin:

  • Securable, climate controlled, pest controlled area to store food
  • Some method to maintain and store confidential records
  • A designated coordinator/liason to BVFB
  • Staffing - persons to operate the school pantry during designated hours

Materials Needed to Begin:

  • Shelving to safely store food
  • Basic office supplies
  • Boxes/Bags

Interested in becoming a School-Based Food Pantry Partner Site?

Winter Murphy - Special Programs Manager
(979) 779-3663 ext. 113 

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