Project GotEM

GotEM Van

Gotem BoxProject GotEM is a home delivery service of weekly (bi-weekly or monthly, depending on client needs) boxes that are filled with nutritious, shelf-stable food (approximately 30 lbs.) to our neighbors in need through March 2022.

GotEM is a partnership between BVFB and the cities of Bryan and College Station as a pilot program for residents of Bryan/College Station who have food access issues and have been impacted by COVID in some way.

COVID impact can look like a few things:

  • Loss of job or hours cut
  • Loss of childcare
  • Caring for someone or yourself who has been sick with COVID
  • Disability or mobility issues

Lack of access can look like:

  • Lack of transportation
  • Work during the hours food pantries are open
  • Distance to local food pantries

Questions? Please call BVFB at 979-779-3663 and ask to speak to a Project GotEM staff member

*Participation in Project GotEM is on a first come- first served basis*