Senior Outreach Program

Senior Bag

As the senior population grows, so does the number of senior citizens who struggle with food insecurity.  In a recent study of senior hunger, 8.9% of seniors in Texas are at risk for hunger. These seniors must make difficult decisions, like whether to pay for food or medication, and often face challenges to food access due to mobility or transportation. Hunger can have serious effects on a senior’s health as it may worsen symptoms of conditions like diabetes, frailty, and heart disease.   To learn more about senior hunger and the difficult choices seniors have to make to make ends meet, please click here.

Brazos Valley Food Bank’s (BVFB) Senior Outreach Program (SOP) partners with programs such as Meals on Wheels, home health companies and low- income senior housing properties, who are already serving low-income seniors in some way in Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Madison, Robertson, and Washington Counties.  The Brazos Valley Food Bank partners with these services to ensure that the most at risk seniors in the Brazos Valley have nourishment on evenings and weekends when they may be going without food. Seniors that are part of this program receive a weekly bag of food filled with nutritionally balanced, easy-to-prepare items to supplement the meals they may receive from their meal delivery program during the week.

From July 1 2021- June 30th 2022 the Brazos Valley Food Bank provided 655 seniors with 14,270 bags of low preparatory food using 11 senior home delivered partners.

What’s in a Senior Bag?

Each Senior Bag contains approximately 17 items, including a variety of nutritional, non-perishable and no-to-low preparation foods. While the exact contents of each Senior Bag may vary, the structure of the bags is roughly the same each week.



      1 serving of oatmeal
      2 juice
      1 serving of cereal
      2 milk
      2 fruit
      2 vegetables
      1 nutritional shake
      2 proteins
      1 pudding
      2 easy to prepare meals, like soup or Easy Mac n Cheese


Ways to Get Involved


In order to get the Senior Bags out to the seniors, the food first needs to be sorted and packed. Click here to learn more about how you can help the Senior Outreach program through volunteering.


Become A Senior Outreach Partner Site

For programs serving low-income seniors that are interested in becoming a Senior Outreach Partner Site, Click Here to learn more.