Schools Almost Out!

Keep your kids snacking healthy this summer


It’s May, which means flowers, rising temperatures, and the end of the school year! Summer can be a great time for kids to relax and have fun, especially if spending time at home. With kids out of school and spending more time at home, they’ll be eating more snacks at home. This summer keep your kids snacking healthy with these tips:

  • Looking for a sweet treat during a hot day?
    • Try a yogurt sundae! Top low-fat yogurt with fresh, frozen, or canned fruit and sprinkle whole grain cereal or granola on top.
    • Make a smoothie. Add fruit and milk or low-fat yogurt to a blender for a cool, fruity treat.
    • Freeze your fruit. Freeze fruit like grapes for a refreshing, cool snack.
  • Create your own trail mix
    • Combine your favorite whole-grain cereal, unsalted nuts, and dried fruits for a one-of-a-kind trail mix.
  • Make your own popsicles
    • Since pre-made popsicles can often have unhealthy added sugars, create your own popsicles made with natural sugar and real fruit juice.
    • Purchase re-usable popsicle molds (these can be found in most dollar stores) or use an ice cube tray for making the popsicles.
    • Use 100% fruit juice and pour evenly into your popsicle molds. Add fresh, frozen, or canned fruit to the juice molds for an added treat.
    • You can also make a smoothie popsicle! Prepare a smoothie like usual, then pour into the popsicle molds and freeze. This adds a creamy texture to the popsicles.
  • Swap soda for lower sugar options
    • Soda is packed with added sugar. You can create your own version of soda by using seltzer water (carbonated water with no added flavors) mixed with 100% fruit juice. The fruit juice is a healthier alternative to soda, and the seltzer water gives it the bubbly carbonation sensation of soda.