Healthy Pantries

What are nudges?

“Nudges” are passive strategies to encourage healthy food choices at Client Choice food pantries. Client Choice Pantries are those at which clients can choose the type and amount of food they receive, as opposed to receiving a pre-prepared box of food.

Nudges use targeted techniques, such organizing shelving at a food pantry to display healthier foods at eye level, to encourage people to choose those foods. Some other nudges that we have implemented are:

  • Colorful signage to encourage consumption of produce and whole grains
  • Cooking demonstrations to guide consumers on how to prepare healthy food
  • Updating the pantry environment through the use of produce displays and shelving, and re-organizing pantry layout.

Contact us for more information on how to implement nudges at your pantry!

Why do nudges matter?

Watch this short video to learn more about the relationship between food insecurity, nutrition, and health.

Illuminating Intersections: Hunger and Health