Group FAQs

Group and Family Volunteers

The Brazos Valley Food Bank considers “volunteers” to be those who are helping the Brazos Valley Food Bank’s mission out of the goodness of their heart, for a student group, for a scholarship, or for a class.




What do volunteers do at the Brazos Valley Food Bank? 

There are many different volunteer opportunities for volunteer groups and families at the Brazos Valley Food Bank.  Volunteer groups and families may have the option of sort or box food donations that will go to children, families, and seniors in need. When you volunteer at BVFB, you are giving back to your community and working toward a hunger-free Brazos Valley.


When Can We volunteer?

FALL HOURS (September-May)     

Tuesday: 4:00 pm-8:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am-12:00 pm

(Other times are available upon request.  Send an email to the Assembly Coordinator to see if she can accommodate your group's request)

During these hours, your group or family could be working with a mixture of court-appointed (misdemeanor crimes), class required, organizational, local business, scout troop, school student volunteers, etc.

If you prefer only volunteering with other groups or families, please send an email to the Assembly Coordinator to see if she can accommodate you.

All groups must fill out a group application online. All times are subject to change due to seasons or availability.


Where will we be volunteeringThe Brazos Valley Food Bank is located at 1501 Independence, Bryan, TX 77803 unless volunteering off-site with one of our special programs.


What is the youngest age one can be to volunteer with the Brazos Valley Food Bank?

Brazos Valley Food Bank accommodates volunteers of all ages.  Volunteers are required to be at least at the age of 18 to volunteer without adult supervision. We have easy and friendly projects for children to complete with a parent or guardian, like assembling bags for the Children Backpack program.


Which volunteer opportunities are family friendly?

There are many different volunteer opportunities that are family friendly. Opportunities include assembling Children’s Backpacks or Senior Bags or working together to repack bulk food. There may also be opportunities to help distribute food to clients at one of our Mobile Food Pantries.


Can the Brazos Valley Food Bank accommodate volunteers with special needs?

The Brazos Valley Food Bank is wheelchair accessible and climate controlled.  Most tasks require some motor skills and some decision making, so it best to discuss ahead of time individual needs with the Assembly Coordinator to find the best fit. 


How long can we volunteer?

Groups are typically scheduled in 2-hour shifts. Depending on the project, the shift may not require a full 2 hours.


Are there any special dress code requirements we need to know about?

Volunteers are required to wear closed-toe and closed heel shoes (such as tennis shoes).  Long jeans or pants are preferred; shorts are allowed.  The work that will be performed is active. You will be on your feet the entire time, moving and lifting. So, dress comfortably. The Volunteer Center is climate controlled-if you are warm or cold natured, take that into consideration. While the atmosphere at the Brazos Valley Food Bank is relaxed, it is important to use good judgement when selecting your attire during the summer months.


Is there a safe place to keep personal belongs on site at the Brazos Valley Food Bank?

Currently, the Brazos Valley Food Bank provides a designated area in the Volunteer Center where volunteers can place their personal belongings. The designated area will be located at plain sight to allow the volunteers to have a visual of their belongings at all times.


Can we get documentation from the Brazos Valley Food Bank that shows that we volunteered?

Yes, but this is not automatic.  You may request a form on Brazos Valley Food Bank letterhead and signed by the Assembly Coordinator, that will state your name, total volunteer hours completed, dates volunteer activities took place. 


I’m not sure where our skills fit in at the Food Bank. How can I find out where we fit best?

The right volunteer opportunity for each group/family depends on many factors, such as interest, skills, schedule and Food Bank needs. Email us to begin the assessment process of where your group or family might fit in best. 


How large of a group can the Brazos Valley Food Bank accommodate?

Right now because of COVID precautions, the Brazos Valley Food Bank can accommodate groups up to 10 individuals a shift.  We are limited to the number of volunteers we can hold so that we can adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Can more than one group volunteer at the Brazos Valley Food Bank at the same time?

At times, there may be others groups that are working on different volunteer projects or may be assigned to work with your group.  Right now, volunteer space is limited and so are the number of groups that can volunteer simultaneously.


Can volunteer groups select the volunteer activity that we want to perform? 

While the Brazos Valley Food Bank tries to accommodate all group requests, some activities may already be fully booked. If your preferred activity is booked, we have other great activities that may be available and they still work toward helping feed a Brazos Valley neighbor in need. Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page to see more options or email the Assembly Coordinator with any questions.


How will our group know what impact our volunteerism made on the Brazos Valley Food Bank? 

All volunteers help the Brazos Valley Food Bank feed individuals, children, families and seniors in need throughout the Brazos Valley.  After each group or family volunteer session, a photo will be taken of your group or family with a sign, describing the impact that your collective volunteer hours made.  All photos are posted to the Brazos Valley Food Bank’s Social Media accounts unless requested otherwise.


Was your question left unanswered?

Please email our Assembly Coordinator for more information!


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