Enjoy Your Healthy Summer!

Tips to Enjoy your healthy summer!

1. Use smaller platesWe eat with our eyes more than our stomachs, so instead of loading up a big plate with your BBQ favorites, start with a smaller plate. This way you get to enjoy the best of summer without eating too much!  

2. Eat slowly and mindfully - When we eat more slowly, we tend to eat less calories. Take a break in between bites of food to drink some water or have a conversation. This will help you avoid stuffing everything down quickly.

3. Eat the healthiest foods first - Now that we’re slowly eating off smaller plates, what else can we do? Well, you can start eating the healthiest foods first. Start off with a glass of water. Then move on to the salad or veggie/fruit tray. Dipping veggies in a Greek yogurt dip or peanut butter is a good way to add protein and healthy fats that will help you feel fuller more quickly!

4. Skip the chips, crackers and bread - Chips, crackers, and white bread are made up of refined grains. These grains are not healthy for you and should be limited! Does this mean you can’t have chips with your dip? Of course not! You can make one of two healthy swaps: choose the low sodium, 100% whole wheat/grain options of your chips, crackers and bread OR choose to dip veggies and fruit. Either way, this swap lets you have your snack and eat it too!

5. Keep dessert small - It is summer you should treat yourself and one piece of cake never hurt anybody! However, we get ourselves into trouble when that “one” piece of cake is a huge piece. Practice eating half of a slice or treat yourself with frozen yogurt with fruit instead of ice cream. Choosing a smaller portion or swapping sugary desserts for fruits all together are great ways to enjoy your desserts guilt-free!

6. Think before you drink - Almost nothing tastes better than an ice-cold cola on a hot summer day. However, did you know that with each can of soda you drink, you’re consuming an extra 100+ calories? The same goes for lemonade and sweet tea! Instead of drinking your calories away, choose water instead. Not only does it rehydrate you better than any sugary drink, but it also isn’t adding any unnecessary calories to your meal!