Elementary & Middle School Classes

We offer fun, interactive lessons for elementary and middle school Physical Education classes, free of charge. Our nutrition educators will come to your school to teach nutrition lessons paired with a physical activity.

Our program uses The OrganWise Guys curriculum in schools. The interactive lessons can be altered to target ages 5 to 11 years old. The program uses fun, kid-friendly organ replicas to teach about organs, body systems, and the way nutrition impacts them. Students will learn the function and importance of key organs, and the reason why adults tell them to “eat healthy”! Kids will learn how to prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and identify food groups that will help them do so. Lessons can be taught as a one-time class or a year-long series, and are usually taught in students’ P.E. classes. This curriculum is most effective when taught as a series of classes. Contact us today to schedule classes at your school!

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