Disaster Relief

Ice Storm

Food Banks are often called upon to assist in disasters - natural or man-made - because of our facilities, equipment, connection to large number of volunteers and our distribution networks.  Before the governmental resources arrive, Food Banks provide lifeline food and water to those directly affected who may have lost everything.  And, when the governmental resources have faded way, Food Banks are often instrumental in supporting long-term needs of those impacted.    

The Brazos Valley Food Bank has been involved in coordinated relief efforts in the following disasters:

  • COVID19 Pandemic (direct food distribution through schools, Super Food Distributions in each County, home deliveries, food to those quarantining [QKits], food assistance hotline
  • Winter Ice Storm 2021(food to Warming Center at Reed Arena, storage and mass distribution of bottled water and shelf-stable food boxes)
  • Hurricane Laura (food and water the Southeast Texas Food Bank in Beaumont)
  • Tropical Storm Imelda (food and water to the Montgomery County Food Bank)
  • Partial Government Shutdown (direct distribution to employees of the Federal Women's Prison in Bryan)
  • Hurricane Harvey (helping evacuees, supplying Super Agencies in Brazos Valley county, collecting and directing food and other resources to affected areas)
  • Hurricane Katrina (emergency food pantry, food to evacuees in hotels, food to shelters, long-term care food pantry, food care packages for evacuees returning home)
  • Hurricane Rita (food and water to underserved rural communities in the Brazos Valley)
  • Hurricane Ike (bottled water, snack foods, child and adult diapers to welcome centers and shelters)
  • Dyer Mill Fires (local emergency food pantry)

The Brazos Valley Food Bank is an active member of the Brazos Valley Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD).

To learn more about VOADs:

National VOAD

Texas VOAD

Want to be a volunteer activated to help the Brazos Valley Food Bank when a disaster strikes? Click here to send an email of interest.