Adult Classes

We have a variety of nutrition topics for adults, that can be taught as either a series or a stand-alone class. Topics range from making the most of your money at the grocery store to nutrition in pregnancy!

We teach in a variety of adult settings on a wide range of topics. These are available to people of any age.

Some topics include:

  • Nutrition through pregnancy: This class emphasizes important nutrition and exercise recommendations for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Healthy eating on a budget: This class focuses on strategies to maximize your dollar at the grocery store for healthy food.
  • Challenges and solutions to a healthy lifestyle: This class addresses barriers to healthy eating and getting exercise, and ways to overcome them.
  • Family meals & cooking with kids: This class focuses on the importance of family meals to build relationships with your children and how to include your children in the cooking process.

We also teach classes in series, in which we return to your agency/organization to complete ~6 classes over various skills and topics.

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