Every so often, the staff at the Brazos Valley Food Bank gets to hear how we are doing. A few testimonials from those who have benefited from our outreach are below.  

The quotes are real. The names have been withheld and pictures associated are depictions to protect confidentiality.  


"When I was 16, my father kicked me out of the house.

I did not know where I would go or even stay. I stayed at my girlfriend's house for a few days.

During that time a female friend of mine said I could stay with her boyfriend. So I meet him, he was a gang member from El Paso and was running from the law. 

So he let me stay as long as I keep up on bills, around $100/month.

After a few weeks, neither one us had any money for food. He showed me how the to find food that would be safe to eat. He called it a McRun. So I went with him because I was hungry. We got to McDonald's around 11:30 and waited. Just a little after 12am, a person took two trash bags out to the dumpster. He told me to go get those two bags. I did and when we got back to the apartment we opened them up. We had food for the week. Every week we did this.

I have never told anyone about this in 28 years. You're the first."



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What did you do for food before receiving a Senior Bag?

“Sometimes I would do without when I am in much pain, and couldn’t cook.”


Senior Bag Recipient
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“One of my students who liked to bring left over food home from his cafeteria lunch which could be hard to do because it would spill and cause him to be upset, was able to discontinue doing this when he started receiving the food bag. I could see that it allowed him to worry less, which was very heart-warming to me.”

Teacher, BackPack Elementary School
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“I am on oxygen 24/7 and struggling to survive.  Born 2/9/43.  My monthly income is $694 per month.  I am hungry most of the time and you are a God-send for people like me.  A million thank yous.”

Mobile Food Pantry Client
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“WOW, what a successful event!!! Words cannot express how thankful and grateful we are to have been teamed up with BVFB nutrition team!!! Our families were so appreciative! We look forward to working with you guys again! Oh and the cabbage recipe was a hit!!!!”

Counselor, Bryan Elementary School
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