We have moved!

We are excited to announce that 1501 Independence Avenue is officially our home! Phase I of the building renovations (new cooler/freezer, Volunteer Center [including Food Repack Room], Volunteer Gallery, Client Services Center and administrative wing) was completed mid-November 2017. Although November is a busy time of year for us, Brazos Valley Food Bank (BVFB) staff jumped at the chance to move in!

Thanks to so many of you, we are now working out of 50,000 square feet instead of 17,000, with 4 times the volunteer space, 3 times the cold storage (allowing us to maintain a 50% produce distribution rate) and twice as much storage overall. It is truly amazing.

Phase II (Agceny Pick-Up dock, sidewalks and facade work) is currently underway and expected to be completed Spring 2018.

Afraid you missed our Grand Opening? Do not worry, you haven't. Expect this exciting event to happen sometime in April. We can't wait to share all of this with you!