New Year Fresh Start

It seems like 2016 flew by and I can’t believe that 2017 is already here! With the New Year comes lots of celebration and lots of talk of resolutions.

The most common New Year’s resolutions this year (and in 2016, also!) is “Get Healthy”. We love this resolution, but where do you even start on it? We’re going to give you a few ideas how to start to “get healthy” in 2017.

There are lots of aspects of health – not only physical health, but mental health and emotional health as well. As nutrition educators, we are going to focus on physical health. There are two main ways that we can have a healthy body: 1) Healthy eating and 2) Being physically active.


Healthy Eating

This can be one of the simplest changes to make in the new year! Remember that you do not have to change EVERYTHING that you eat all at once. It is easier to incorporate 1-2 small changes at a time. Once those changes become normal, try adding another change. Some ideas for things to incorporate in what you eat:

-     Purchase fruits that can be eaten easily as a snack, such as apples, bananas, or oranges, and keep them on the table/counter. When you feel like eating a snack, reach for a piece of fruit instead of chips or candy!

-     Eat out less!!! It is much easier to watch your portion sizes and control the amount of fat and salt added to your food when you prepare it at home. Try limiting yourself to eating out a certain number of meals per week. This will also save you money in the new year!

-     Incorporate one or more veggies into your meals each day! No matter what the meal, there is almost always a way to add in a vegetable. Spaghetti? Add chopped bell peppers to the sauce. Scrambled eggs? Add torn spinach or chopped onion. The possibilities are endless! Vegetables give us so many vitamins and minerals that are key to having a healthy body.


Being Physically Active

It is recommended that adults get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. The 30 minutes does not need to be all at the same time either – it can be 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon if that works better for your schedule! Start with something that you can achieve – maybe that is 30 minutes per day 1 day each week. Then, once you have accomplished that, you can add in more days per week.

Finally, remember that it is never too late to start something new! Today is the day!  

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