Beans, Beans, Beans

This month in our client choice food pantries we are focusing on promoting the consumption of beans. On MyPlate, beans fall into both the protein and vegetable groups, and they are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. Beans really are a powerhouse food, and here are some reasons why!

-     High protein. Just ½ cup of beans contains 7g of protein – the same amount as 1 oz. of meat!

-     Convenient and versatile. There are lots of ways you can prepare beans, and they can be added to almost any meal. Here are some ideas for ways to use beans:

  • Add garbanzo beans (also called chick peas) to a salad
  • Enjoy pinto beans as a side dish to most any entrée
  • Combine canned black beans, egg, and bread crumbs to make black bean burgers
  • Add red beans or lentils to any soup
  • Try hummus or bean dip with whole grain chips for a healthy snack

-     Low fat. Beans are packed with vitamins and minerals, and usually they only contain 2-3% fat!

-     High fiber. Beans are a high fiber food, which helps keep you full after your meal and also aids in digestion.

-     Cost efficient. Beans, both canned and dried, are extremely cheap to purchase and do not spoil easily, meaning less money wasted on throwing away food!

Beans are a great protein source to incorporate into your daily diet this new year. This week try replacing meat at one meal with beans cooked one of the many ways mentioned above!


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